Luck of the Draw

Hey folks! Lookie, lookie! LUCK OF THE DRAW has released from Secret Cravings!

This is Hand of Fate series book 1.5, a quick novella that stars the beloved golden god hunk Thane.

Thane's back!

Thane’s back in Hand Of Fate Series Book 1.5 !! Available now!

Drew is a simple woman with a million issues. And a man ain’t one of them.

Until her birthday.

Her beloved friends drag her out to Seattle’s finest (and brand new) night club; a deep cavern full of darkness, mystique, sensuality, and lots of liquor.

And Thane.

He’s tall, muscular, blonde, and has an English accent. Could one ask for more?

He offers her a chance at love, with a gigantic side-helping of danger. As far as Drew can tell, Thane is a secret surrounded by other secrets. He disappears at all hours, whispers cryptic words, and his moods are unpredictable. And now he’s warning that her life is danger. Because of Thane, someone wants her dead. Her options are diminishing by the day. Along with her safety.

Fate dealt her a hand but will she fold? Or will she take the luck of the draw?



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Here are some excerpts!

Thane leaned back. Instead of the question’s distrust evoking anger, his eyes softened. “That is not your question, my darling. It is the question that falsifies the truth of your broken heart.”

Oh. Shit. I’m going to cry. I bit my lip. I didn’t want him to continue, but something deep inside me begged that he bring it to light. “What do you mean?”

He stood, quietly shuffled our lunch to his seat, picked me up, and put me where the basket had been. Arms wrapped around me, he sat down in the now vacant spot and pulled me against him.

“I mean that I think it isn’t me you distrust. It’s you.” He kissed my forehead.

“Don’t,” I whispered.

“Don’t what, darling?”

I pulled back. “It’s too much. I can’t cope with all of it. I…” Nameless hurts fought their way to the forefront of my attention; too many for me to express.

“Then we focus on us until we’re strong enough,” he whispered against my temple.

Something metaphysical left me at that moment. I felt a shiver all over my body, instantly replaced by warmth.

It was my heart that left me. I’d given it to him. Oh God, I’ve done it. I love him. Oh no, this is bad. What do I do?

I couldn’t take it back. He would always have it, no matter what happened. I’d never loved someone, not like this. Yet, I somehow knew that if he broke my heart, he would always hold the shard that had chipped off. Forever, this man was a part of me.

Neither of us spoke. Thane let me breathe. I curled into his chest. At once, I felt both anxious and more relaxed than I’d felt since really becoming an adult.

There was no going back. In this short amount of time, I’d given myself over to trusting Thane to catch me.


And, since you already know Thane, here’s a quick look at his co-star, Drew…


“Ah, already getting violent, then?” I heard him shifting into his seat. “I might be jealous.”

I dropped my hands and stared, slack-jawed. He simply had to explain that.

“It took you a good five minutes of random conversation and the periodic jab in order for you to get violent with me. Please tell me you’ve been here for at least that long?”

He winked at me and smiled away all my tension and embarrassment.

I nodded, dreamily.

He coughed but didn’t cease smiling. “Have you ordered, then?”

Restaurant. Food. Oh yes.

“Just water.”

“Good choice.”

I turned and questioned him through the corners of my eyes.

“I simply mean that after your obvious drinking binge last night, water is a good choice.”

Smooth catch.

“I thought so, too. And what would the great Dr. Chippendale offer as an equally good choice of meal?”

“I do so love a snarky woman.”

“Then you’ll definitely love me.”

ARe | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Secret Cravings Publishing

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