April Author Spotlight: Tonya Cannariato Part 2

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If you missed the first post, fear not, because I have it right here for your reading pleasure.

So here we go! Tonya Cannariato discusses her Red Slaves trilogy!


Red Slaves – The Trilogy

Dust_to_Blood_1As I mentioned in my last post, my Red Slaves series was inspired by a very strange dream. It threw me back into life in Moscow, Russia, when the last time I’d been there was the summer of 1980.

Writing a book partially based on memories influenced to a large degree by the childhood filters in place during formative experiences is its own challenge. Especially since I was going for realism in describing the human experiences in the early part of the story. My research skills from my journalism days stood me in good stead, and I had a lot of fun recalling the Moscow Metro–where I’d gotten lost as a second grader during a class outing to see the grandiose ways transportation for the masses had been envisioned there. (If you haven’t had a chance, I recommend looking at some of the YouTube videos for a virtual tour of the amazing edifices they’ve built there.)

In the end, though, the stories follow the traditions of low fantasy: A world we recognize and live in, with elements that … don’t belong to our reality.

The first book sets up the expectation that the human world is all there is; that rumors about dragons are just a strange kind of conspiracy theory. The end of that book explodes that reality.

The second book introduces the central character of the book to the reality of this other world. It’s up to her to sort out how she fits into it and what she will make of herself in this context.

The final book will need to resolve the balance between the two sides of the experience–and finally answer the central  question raised by the series: What is the power of the dragon’s magic that allowed the Communist regimes to persist in spite of the pervasive repression they visited on their people?

If that’s too much geopolitics for you, the other half of the story follows the standards of paranormal romances with some sweet, hot romance… with a dragon.


Here’s a small excerpt to get you in the mood:

“It’s going to be a bit of a walk. Are you up for it?” We move forward at a companionable pace, ignoring our surroundings, focusing on the paved evenness of the floor as I run my fingers along the walls to get directions toward another library nook.

“Sure. Then you can tell me more about this sex toy thing.”

“Ha ha. Seriously? I lock the door against him at night. He’s hot. He’s interesting. But I barely know him.”

She looks at me out of the corner of her eye. “You’re lying.”

I feel the heat creeping up the back of my neck and look away. “It’s not something that makes me happy. There’s an undeniable attraction. I don’t even feel like I have control there either. It’s bizarre to me that my body tells me when he’s within a hundred foot radius. I’m getting to the point where I feel like a compass—I can tell where he’s coming from and how soon to expect him. And I get that he’s not looking for anything other than long-term, monogamous commitment. But how did he sort that out within five minutes of meeting me?”





Tonya Cannariato

A voracious reader since she was a toddler, and an ordained spiritualist, Tonya Cannariato has now presided over the marriage of her love of reading and her love of writing. She’s lived a nomadic life, following first her parents in their Foreign Service career through Africa, Europe, and Asia, and then her own nose criss-crossing America as she’s gotten old enough to make those choices for herself. She’s currently based in Milwaukee with her three loves: her husband and two Siberian Huskies. She suspects her Huskies of mystical alchemy with their joyous liberation of her muse and other magical beings for her inspiration. She loves to sleep, to watch her interesting dreams, some of which are now finding new life in written form.

Her books are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Diesel, Kobo, Sony, Createspace

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