Cover Reveal and Release Date

It’s happened! I signed a contract!

Okay, so that happened a while back, but the fruits of that forty minutes wrestling with my printer have come to light!


On the 4th of April, 2013…

Aces Wild will be released! Yay!! Ya’ll get to meet Ace and Val! I am sooo thrilled!!


In honor of the birth of my novel, I’m having a part-ay! There will be a giveaway where you can win copies of totally smacking awesome books from me and many other authors, some totally rawkin’ swag, and more! I’m so excited I’m actually squee’ing. Fortunately it’s in private because no one wants to squee in public.


So make sure you drop by my blog for your chance to win! Totally cooler? A bunch of authors are joining me for a few days of

SSSBlogHopBadgeSass, Snark, and Serendipity


This blog hop is about heroines with snark & sass that help them win the day, and the serendipity that brings them their HEA/HFN! We’ll talk about everything from what makes a strong heroine, what doesn’t make a strong heroine, snark and sass in real life, book recommendations, and all sorts of jazz that just has me giggling in childish glee.

No. Really. Almost “Exorcist-maniac” glee, here, people.


Anywho… So. On to the massive news of today, now that I’ve gotten the To-Be-Continued news out of the way!


Aces Wild has a face!


True story!


And here it is. :D


ACES WILD, by Fiona Druce. Published by Secret Cravings Publishing, 4 April 13

ACES WILD, by Fiona Druce. Published by Secret Cravings Publishing, 4 April 13

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