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So, this week is a picture prompt! Be sure to check the Tuesday Tales website to see the picture! In more startling news, the story is actually Part II of last week’s! I know! I actually kept this one going. Insane, huh?


The zaniest bit is that anyone who reads my posts (which is you, of course), knows that I’m a wee tad bit on the long-winded side. BUT! This story is only 311 words long! Crazy, huh? What can I say? Word restrictions are amazing. :D


So here it is! This week’s Tuesday Tales! If you haven’t read last week’s, make sure you do!


The villagers watched her. She felt the weight of their stares. What had Father told them before she got here?

Tai's pics1That she was his daughter from a poor maid he left lonely and unmarriageable while on a trek to gain his fame?

Having always lived the life her birth brought up on her, that secret was bearable.

But…what if…

No. Surely he wouldn’t say anything. He wouldn’t tell anyone. It would endanger her little half-siblings, so innocent and sweet.

Still, she was watched. Studied.


Aibhlinn ran a hand through her long auburn brown hair.

A little girl to her left tugged on skirt of Aibhlinn’s dress. “You should tie it in a plait, cousin!”

Aibhlinn sent her half-sister a smile. Cousin, is it?

Should she be thankful for her father’s discretion? Perhaps. But lies had a tendency to return with vengeance.

She gulped down the dark memories that thought brought to life.

Shaking her head, she laughed, “Think so, cousin Maire?” She played with a strand, then winked, and with a mischievous waggle of her brows, she leaned in. “Shall I plait it long and loose? Or tight, forcing my wayward strands to do my bidding?”

She tugged on Maire’s hair, gentle so not to hurt, but hard enough to draw a giggled squeal from the five year old.

“Nay, Cousin Aibhlinn,” Maire’s ten year old brother instructed, from behind her. “Leave it be.”

Aibhlinn stood tall and addressed her brother with gentle tones. “Think you so?” She smiled at him. “Fintan, is it?”

The boy nodded. Her introduction had consisted of her name being yelled at the five children, and their names yelled back at her, before both her father and his wife went about their way.

It hadn’t made for the best start to a relationship, but she vowed to rectify that.

While she still had the chance.


Don’t forget to drop by the main site to see more stories and the awesome picture this was based off of. (In case you’re wondering, which you likely are, it’s the gate!)


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  • http://www.facebook.com/lindsay.downs.7 Lindsay Downs

    Interesting. Love the dialogue exchange

    • http://www.fionadruce.com/ Fiona Druce

      Thanks! I’m quite interested to get to know this character. She feels very nervous. All the time. :p

  • Sherry Gloag

    Like the hint of tension between the hald brother and sister here.

    • http://www.fionadruce.com/ Fiona Druce

      Thanks! She’s got a lot going against her, poor girl…

  • SadieCass

    Oh, how interesting. How is she tied to (or how will she be tied to) the fiend from last week? What secrets does she keep and how could they destroy everything?

    Woman…you are killing me! LOL.

    • http://www.fionadruce.com/ Fiona Druce

      *I* don’t even know what’s going to happen, so I’m killing me, too, lol! Glad you like it, tho! :)

  • Jean

    Nice story with a cliff hanger about her heritage. Well done. Would have liked to see the picture, too. It’s okay to copy the picture you’re using into the blog.

    • http://www.fionadruce.com/ Fiona Druce

      I’ll add the picture, then! I wasn’t sure and with everything going on, just didn’t make it around to asking, alas. But now I know and knowing is half the battle! Go Joe! Or Jean, in this case! :D

  • Iris B

    Nice post … agree on the tension, well done

    • http://www.fionadruce.com/ Fiona Druce

      Thank you! :)

  • Sarah

    Testing a comment

  • tricia

    I really want to know how her heritage could be a threat. What an awesome post!