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Hello, again, my darlings!

I have a new story for you and-oh my goodness-it’s exciting!

I met this marvelous character while considering this week’s prompt, which is the word green. He promises to be quite difficult and I couldn’t hope for better. I do so love a difficult character; they make the story infinite amounts of fun.

Then I realized that next week’s prompt (which is a picture!) will introduce us to the female! Oh, I am soo excited!

So here is this week’s…


Tuesday Tales. :)


He absently slid a finger up his bare abdomen, twirling and dragging the tip to his chest, while he watched the bizarre people hustling into their little huts from his perch on the grassy hill.

A silky summer breeze lifted his long black hair and danced along his golden skin. He stretched like a lazy cat, basking in setting sunshine, rolling over onto his belly.

Such simple people. He found them morbidly interesting.

The fluttering of brunette hair caught his iridescent eyes. Hints of auburn and crimson twinkled in the sun like rubies in chocolate, teasing him before the individual disappeared behind a hut.

A smile pulled at his lips.

Long, free hair meant one thing.

Pleasure to be had.

 He rolled onto his back and lolled in the long grasses, enjoying the feel of the fronds against his skin.Yes. Pleasure, indeed.

A maid he had yet to meet, hmm?

Now how had the villagers managed that particular feat?

He plucked a wild flower and rolled the stem in his palms, then dragged the end over his lips in a curious but aimless gesture.

Perhaps she was new to the village? A cousin come to visit?

His smirk deepened. This quiet cousin was about to meet far more than she’d bargained for.

In less than a heart’s beat, he stood at the edge of the village, leaning against a side wall of the smithy, arms across his chest. For the purpose of his attentions, he formed about himself a pair of brown leather trousers, a billowing white shirt, and knee high hunting boots. He found them both comfortable and attractive, which was a perfect and necessary combination. He pulled his long black hair into a leather thong and tied a green sash about his waist, the golden insignia of his Noble House emblazoned on the front. Not that any of these humans would recognize it. He sighed at the abysmal and depressing realization. There was something to be said for instant recognition.

Hopefully, his current form would provide enough. He did, after all, have quite the reputation in the local villages.

He smirked. Fathers, everywhere, looked out for his perfect face. Which made the game all the more exciting.

After surveying his empty surroundings, he tapped his booted foot, biding time he had no patience for.

No one appeared.

He frowned, confused.

Where had she gone? He pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes. Surely he couldn’t be so fooled as to mistake her direction, could he?

Only a moment passed before he chuckled. Of course not.

He? Aodhan of Tuatha Dé Danaan, the Chosen of goddess Danu.

He snorted. Of course he hadn’t been mistaken.

Had he ever been mistaken?

To even think so would be the mistake.

And he certainly didn’t make those horrid things.

The soft peel of laughter to his left tugged his attention away from himself and he cocked his head far to his right shoulder, like a bird.

A woman’s laughter.

Young. Merry. Her innocence shimmered like fairy dust in the soft bells of her mirth.


He twitched his nose in excitement then reappeared inches from the mysterious woman who held his interest. Just around the corner.

Would she know him?

The Great Blacksmith?

He hoped so with a gleeful grin. It certainly expedited matters, which was important when considering the end game to his play.

With insouciance born of his many hundreds of years of life, he slid around the corner to greet his prey.


Enjoy! :) With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, I felt it quite apropos to write a story with Fae in it. I happen to love Fae stories, myself. Scary, thrilling, romantic, and all about bizarre; there is always something for everyone. Hope you enjoyed it!


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  • http://twitter.com/JenniferJames34 Jennifer James

    Oh boy. Someone’s on the Smut Train…… ;)

    • http://www.fionadruce.com/ Fiona Druce

      *Toot Toot*


  • http://www.facebook.com/lindsay.downs.7 Lindsay Downs

    Looks like he’s got a one track mind.

    • http://www.fionadruce.com/ Fiona Druce

      Yeeeaaahh… we’ll see how that works out for him. I wrote Aibhlinn’s first scene and she’s a bit of a feisty little minx. He may have more cut out for him than he realizes. :D

  • Dawne Prochilo

    Very methodical thinking.. contemplating… love that aspect of the scene. His nonchalant attitude. Picture perfect scene

    • http://www.fionadruce.com/ Fiona Druce

      Thanks, Dawne! You know, it took me up until like.. Saturday night… to figure out what to write because this week’s and next week’s tales just weren’t coming. At all. Then I suddenly saw next week’s heroine… and she introduced me to the hero… and I had a total blast from there. :D

  • SadieCass

    Oooh, how temptingly naughty. I’m curious to know much more about him and the story of these two. I absolutely adore the description of her hair when he first spots it…just lovely. I can’t wait to meet her.

    • http://www.fionadruce.com/ Fiona Druce

      Thanks, sweetie! :D I’m curious how long they’ll want me to talk about them. :p

  • Sherry Gloag

    Yes, i can imagine he’s going to be a very difficult character for you. He’s certainly intriguing.

    • http://www.fionadruce.com/ Fiona Druce

      LOL, so glad you think so! :D I have some idea where this is going.. no idea what the plot is… but just a vision of how things might be going… and I think he’s got quite the road in front of him, LOL

  • Tai

    He is so full of himself. I love his cockiness. I wonder how he will react if she isn’t aware of him being The Great Blacksmith. This is going to be good. Nice intro.

    • http://www.fionadruce.com/ Fiona Druce

      Thank you! I can’t wait to see if she knocks him down that notch, you know?! I do so love to watch a cocky man get taught a lesson by a strong female lead, LOL Glad you liked it!

  • Carol

    He sounds positively yummy! I hope she doesn’t make it too easy for him though. ;-)

    • http://www.fionadruce.com/ Fiona Druce

      Me, too!! I’ll see what I can do to persuade her. :D :D