Patience is not my virtue

Considering that the Publishing industry moves about as fast as honey in the Arctic, my lack of patience is not a very good thing.

However, my fellows, I have figured out a way to forestall my need for instant gratification:


I am publishing short stories while I write my novels!


I’m currently writing a new series that’s more Southern Women’s Fiction than anything else. Well, it’s snarky comedy, too, but, like I said: Southern Women’s fiction, thus the snarky comedic aspect is sort of already included. Book one’s main characters are named Greg Charmant and Rapunzel Harmand. No, seriously, that’s her name.


HIS STORY, a short story

HIS STORY cover image

You’ll get it when you read the



Don’t ask, the book will be done, soon, and then you can find out. :D


However, if you happen to be interested, I wrote Greg’s own short story, that starts in his childhood and ends just before the beginning of the trilogy. I’ll do the same for Rapunzel. The short story is available free at Smashwords, if you’re interested!

And, yes, he’ll get a Happily Ever After. I think he deserves it, don’t you?


Here’s the link to His Story, starring Greg Charmant!


Hope you enjoy!

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  • Jennifer James

    Okay, you’re kinda in trouble for not mentioning this to your insane critter friend….but I do love you. :) And I’m excited for this. I can hear you reading these books in your cute accent. LOL

    • Fiona Druce

      LOL, It wasn’t a huge deal; 4k short story. ;) I promise to mention the next one, tho! :D And these books were TOTALLY written in my “cute accent” :D

  • Miscia

    I just finished reading “His Story”–tear jerker–and I want more!!! I’ll be waiting impatiently for the continuation…

    • Fiona Druce

      I’ve been sick this week and it hasn’t been great, until I read this comment. I am so glad you liked it, I can barely function, lol! What a wonderful thing to wake up to!!! Thank you so much and I am so excited that you liked it! I hope you’ll like Greg’s happily-ever-after!! It’s getting there and hopefully shouldn’t be too long in coming! :)